Student Life

Welcome to All New First-Years

MyCEM is a vibrant place of interesting people and experiences. Our goal is for you to arrive on campus prepared to begin your MyCEM experience. We’re very excited to have you join us, and we look forward to greeting you during Orientation. To help you prepare, this website provides important information about the campus, introduces you to specific parts of our community and refers you to other MyCEM websites with more details. This site will be edited regularly, please check back in and note any updates. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’re happy to help!

Residence Life

Residence life is part of MyCEMs co-curricular environment that enhances and enriches the academic program. Students come from varied backgrounds, and the house community provides a supportive, social environment for them to learn about and appreciate one another’s experiences and differences.

Health and Wellness

The Center for Health and Wellness provides accessible, professional medical and mental health care, and wellness education to MyCEM’s diverse population. As college health care professionals knowledgeable about developmental issues, we work with students in promoting their physical and psychological well-being. We collaborate with the larger college community, supporting students in accomplishing their educational goals.

Campus Safety

Through an equitable and inclusive model of service and outreach, the MyCEM College Campus Safety Department helps ensure that every member of the MYCEM community can safely learn, live and work on campus in an environment of mutual respect and support. The Campus Safety Department commits to ongoing training and education on a range of topics, such as de-escalation, antiracism and community engagement, that are central to building trust and partnership with students, faculty and staff across campus. 

Our philosophy is that we strive to make every interaction a positive one.

— Mission Statement of the Campus Safety Department

Student Testimonials

1. In my experience all the teachers are very supportive and friendly and the placement process has been very smooth throughout. I would always be very grateful for the lifelong connections I made- Siddesh (Dept. Civil)

2. “My experience at MyCEM is great and memorable. The mentors at MyCEM helped us enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. I am thankful to Training & Placement cell for providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them. In the last I am saying that The World is here at MyCEM” –Manjesh(Dept. Civil)

3. “It was a great experience studying at MyCEM, a memory to cherish for lifetime. My experience at MyCEM was full of learning and grooming. Being a global university It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people from around the world and learnt many things from them. I am thankful to all the faculties, mentors and entire MyCEM department for providing us with quality education. I am also grateful to Placement Cell for organizing placements in this pandemic and helping me to get placed in 3 companies on Campus including TCS Digital.   Overall it was a great experience and lifetime memory at MyCEM. If you want to make a career in CSE I would highly recommend you to join MyCEM.”-Baby Pooja(Dept. CSE)

4. It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of MyCEM where I can grow. The entire faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one’s future. My four years at MyCEM have been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to outside. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire faculty members and department. It’s their efforts that make me to count myself into better professionals-Akshatha(Dept. ECE)

5. MyCEM has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to the whole new augment level. The infrastructure of MyCEM is one of the finest in the Mysore region is what stands out the most. The best thing about this University is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world. The professors here make the university what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only delivering classroom teachings, but they are also the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed university and this is a treasure for life. – Vagdevi. V (Dept. CSE)

6. Great experience from MyCEM. You get a lot of opportunities. Work hard to get it. Be prepared for everything. Maintain your attendance.-Chandrashekar(Dept. ECE)

7. My four years at MyCEM were great and a memory to cherish for lifetime. It was full of learning and grooming oneself. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learned many things. I am thankful to all the faculties, mentors and entire MyCEM as well as placement cell. Overall it was a great experience and lifetime memory at MyCEM-Milan p Sanals(Dept. ME)

8. My bachelor degree at MyCEM in computer science consisted of many projects based evaluation and faculty connect. The mentors at MyCEM helped us enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. The regular interaction with the Placement team also encouraged me to excel in my interview and developing skills that are required for future use.-Ragavendra(Dept. ME)

9. During my stay of four years in MyCEM, I came across various people of different country and culture. I had received a lot of opportunities to groom myself, thanks to my ever inspiring mentors who helped me to discover the talented part of myself. No wonder the university is new and is still striving to achieve excellence, but in the due time it has definitely set some benchmarks in the academia and is relentlessly trying to achieve the heights in rendering the world class education-MuskanDewangan(Dept. ISE)

10. A better human being, a better developer and a dream to achieve something big is all, I hoped for when I joined MyCEM. I am delighted to say that the faculties and the staff has helped me to achieve these dreams. Here, I not only had the chance to develop on my technical skills but also on other aspects such as Leadership & Management skills. The faculties always inspired me to go above and beyond my capabilities. I am grateful to my faculties and the staff of MyCEM for helping me achieve what I dreamt of-ChirantanHV(Dept. ISE)

Extracurricular Activities

What are Extracurricular Activities?

An extracurricular activity is anything that falls outside the scope of a regular curriculum. It typically doesn’t carry academic credit but can be related to school. For example, athletics and student clubs are considered extracurricular activities. Hobbies, interests, and volunteer work outside of school are also considered extracurricular activities.

Why do Extracurricular Activities Matter?

While grades and the coursework difficulty matter most, extracurricular for college matter more than you may think. In a world of rising application numbers and an increase in the number of students reporting stellar test scores and top grades, admissions officers are relying more heavily on the extracurricular to determine whether a student will gain admission.

Club details

MyCEM has 10 groups with approximately 50 students in each group for both sports and cultural events. Each group is named after dynasties of south India.

Every activity is organized by each group and they manage everything regrading extracurricular activities.

Coding Club

Department of Computer Science and Engineering organizes Club activities in October 2022.Totally six events were planned to be conducted which includes three technical events and three non-technical events. In this Coding Club event totally Twenty Eight students from II Year have registered through the Google Form with their interests to participate. A circular was posted to the students to intimate the date and time and the mode of conducting the coding club contest dated on 12-10-2022. For this Coding Club event totally Twenty Eight students from III Year have registered through the Google Form with their interests to participate. A circular was posted to the students to intimate the date and time and the mode of conducting the coding club contest dated on 21-11-2022.

Photography Club

MyCEM has organized a video editing competition. All the students from each group made video and presented it very beautifully. Three videos got first three positions.

Drama and dance Club

In Mycem we have started a drama club for this we brought a well-trained and talented artist from National School of Drama. He will teach our students all the different activities and train them for their personality development also.

Yoga Club

he Prime motive of Yoga Club is Motivation for Better Health. Yoga, in all of its forms, creates positive energy. Positive energy will help the individual become successful, and live a life where powerful visions become reality. With a mission to provide a safe and light-hearted space for students to de-stress and empower themselves through the practice of yoga, our institution conducts yoga practices every year right from its inception. The trained teachers are invited to teach simple exercises, Kayakalpam and meditation.

Mostly the students experience more difficulties during their academic programme. The biggest challenge to academic success is time management, balancing priorities, health conditions, social problems, relationships, sleep difficulties and depression. In fact, yoga means not only doing exercise but also helps to a practice to keep emotion well under check.A piece of yoga practice every day will definitely make student community gain more mental strength and get rid of all physical difficulties and diseases. Mental strength gained in yoga helps students to fight against inconsistencies with increasing self-confidence which looks as more powerful. Yoga can empower in four ways like Physical Health Empowerment, Emotional Empowerment, Mental Health Empowerment and Spiritual Empowerment. These can be achieved by yoga practices like Yoga Sana, Pranayama and Meditation.To help achieve the above benefits, Mysore College of Engineering and Management conducts activities related to yoga and meditation.

English Literary Club

The English Literary Club of ACET functions with an aim to develop the imaginative capacities of students by encouraging them to give free expression to their ideas through various literary forms. The activities of this club are planned to augment the output of the members of the club and thereby imparting these values to the student community as a whole. The literary capabilities inherent in the students need to be brought out to give flair to their creative aptitude. As a preliminary step, a committee is formed; student members are enrolled, in spite of belonging to varied disciplines. Each of them was provided with a platform to express their literary ideas and their passion for literary activities. It offers a competing platform for the knowledge-hungry students and promises to cultivate a passion for quizzing, Debating, Creative Writing, Literature, Miming, Elocution, etc., among the students.

S.NOName of the ActivityCoordinators of the activityActivity conducted date